Top 10 Science Experiments for kids in Class 6
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Top 10 Science Experiments for Class 6 Kids

Top 10  fun and Simple Science Experiments  for Class 6 Kids to do at home.Top 10 Science Experiments for kids in Class 6 1
Activities range from Electronics, Chemistry, Construction, Engineering Click on Each activity to Watch Youtube Video, Instructions and Working Principle
These activities increase the curiosity  as well as reasoning skills of yourlittle scientist. You need common home materials for the experiments. 

List of Activities

  1. Dry Ice Boat : Experiments with Dry Ice
  2. Instant Ice Cream Making with Dry Ice
  3. Popsicle Dragon – Engineering Activity for Kids
  4. Hot Air Balloon – Experiment with Air & Density
  5. Dart LED : Electronics Activity with LED
  6. Electric Car : Electronics & Circuits for Kids
  7. Metal Egg : Experiment with Eggs
  8. Multimeter – Introduction to Electric Tool
  9. Number LED – Make your 1st Circuit
  10. pH Indicator Experiment – Chemistry Experiment for Kids


  1. Dry Ice Boat  : – Experiment with Dry Ice

    Dry Ice Boat 13

    Dry Ice Boat Experiment

    Dry Ice Boat (Click for Video and Instructions) is an experiment where kids can power a boat without any gears or propellers. It’s a simple way to make a boat with few materials and propel it with dry ice.

  2. Ice Cream making with Dry Ice- Edible Experiment for Kids

    Dry Ice Ice-Cream Experiment Step 8

    Dry Ice Ice-Cream Experiment

    Dry Ice Cream is an  Edible experiment where kids can make their own ice cream with dry ice and few more ingredients.

  3. Popsicle Dragon – Engineering Activity

    Experiment Step 29

    Popsicle Dragon Experiment

    Make your own Popsicle Dragon where popsicles are placed in a criss- cross pattern to build a structure to lift things. You can also customize it to look like a dragon!

  4. Hot Air Balloon – Experiment about Air


    Hot Air Balloon Experiment

    Hot Air Balloon is a fun science experiment for kids to do at home where one can understand the effect of temperature on the density of air.

  5. Dart L.E.D – Electronics for Kids



    Super amazing experiment for Kids. Dart LED is a cool science experiment to learn about circuits which uses simple electrical items like LED, button cells and magnets!

  6. Electric Car – Electronics for Kids

    Electrical Car Experiment

    Electrical Car Experiment

    Electric Car is a fun science experiment which uses electrical items like Motor, Battery, Bread board, Resistor and LED. The electric car runs on electricity!

  7. Metal Egg 

    Mettailic Egg - Science Experiment for Kids

    Metal Egg – Science Experiment

    Metal Egg: This is a fun science experiment for kids to do at home through which kids can learn about concepts of light, chemistry and properties of matter. Kids turn an ordinary egg into metal by using simple household materials.

  8. Multi meter Basics – Electricity Experiment



    In this cool activity  Multimeter Basics– is a simple science experiment which teaches kids to understand the basic use of a multimeter.

  9. Number LED 

    Number LED Step -28

    Number LED Experiment

    In this cool activity  Number LED – is an easy science experiment using LED’s! Choose any number that you want to make on your breadboard and learn the basics of a bread board.

  10. pH Indicator – Chemistry Experiment

    pH Indicator Experiment Step 2

    pH Indicator Experiment

    In this cool experiment –pH Indicator is a fun science experiment for kids to do at home which shows that how a  pH  strip can give so many shades of color on being tested with different solutions.