10 Fun Science Experiments for Kids to do at Home

Top 10 Fun Science Experiments for Kids at home with Youtube Videos

Find a list of Top 10 really fun and Simple Science Experiments for Kids to do at home.These acitivities increase the curiousity of your little scientist . You need common home materials for the experiments. Each Activity has step Step instructions and Video Tutorials from Our Youtube Channel – Zlife Education.

Lets Science !

  1. Color Density Tower Experiment : 

    Layer Density Tower Experiment

    Color Density Tower Science Experiment

    Color Density Tower (Click for Video and Instructions) is an activity with colors for kids. Its a great way to learn about density of liquids., floating and sinking properties of objects.

  2. Natural Indicator Science Experiment

    Natural Indicator Experiment Step 10

    Red Cabbage Natural Indicator Experiment

    Red Cabbage Natural Indicator  Experiment for Kids is an activity beautiful with Colors to teach and learn about acids and basis at home.

  3. Balloon Powered Car Construction Activitiy for kids

    Balloon Powered Car-Experiment

    Balloon Powered Car-Experiment of Construction

    Make your own Balloon Powered Car at home that works with the Newton’s 3rd Law of motion.Fun and learning activitiy for kids.

  4. Magnetic Slime Making activity for Kids

    Magnetic Slime Experiment

    Magnetic Slime Experiment

    Magnetic Slime Making activity is a cool experiment to learn about hydrophobic properties of water. The Slime or putty moves like an insect when comes in Contact with Magnet.

  5. Home Made Lava Lamp

    Home Made Lava Lamp Experiment for Kids

    Home Made Lava Lamp Experiment

    Super amazing experiment for Kids. Home Made Lava Lamp is a an activity that teaches you about water and oil properties with bubbles filled with water.

  6. Bouncing Eggs Experiment with Vinegar

    Bouncing Egg Science Experiment

    Bouncing Egg Experiment Step 5

    Boucing Egg is also known as Naked Egg Experiment in which the Eggs are dipped in Vinegar over 24 Hours. Check it Out.

  7. Traffic Light Eggs

    Traffic Light Eggs Experiment for Kids

    Traffic Light Egg Experiment Step 8

    Traffic Light Eggs : This is a Super Cool activity for your Easters. Color your Eggs with water colors.

  8. Metal Egg : Cool Experiment for Kids

    Mettailic Egg - Science Experiment for Kids

    Metal Egg – Science Experiment for Kids

  9. Bubble Geometry Experiment with Soap and Water

    Soap Bubble Geometry Shapes Experiment

    Soam Bubble Geometry Shapes Experiment

    In this cool activity Bubble Geometry Shapes –  kids have great fun with Soap Bubbles. They will make and learn aout different shapes soap bubles like Cube and Pyramid  Simple materials from home needed are Dishwashing Soap, Water, Pipe Cleaners, Bucket 

  10. Drinking Candle Science Experiment Kids

    Drinking Candle-Experiment-Step 9

    Drinking Candle-Experiment

    In this cool experiment –Drinking Candle –  Kids learn about the change in temprature and volume with magical rise in level of color water. Simple materials from home needed are Candles, Plate/Bowl, Water color.