Top 10 Engineering Experiments 1

Top 10 Engineering Activities for Kids

If Your Kid is a little Engineer. You can find a list of Cool 10 engineering activities for kids that enhance the fine motor & Physical Skill of your child..The Activities range from Construction, Electronics and bit of Chemistry & Math

Top 10 Engineering Experiments

Top 10 Engineering Experiments

Activities that include Chemistry and Electronics that are challenging as well as exciting  Click on Each activity to Watch Youtube Video, Instructions and Working Principle
These activities increase the curiosity  as well as reasoning skills of your little scientist. You need common home materials for the experiments. 

List of Engineering Activities for Kids (Click Below) 

  1. Batman Car – Electronics Experiment for kids
  2. Chemistry Rocket –  Alternate Rocket that work with Newton’s 3rd Law
  3. Chemistry Rocket Launcher –  Make your Own Launcher
  4. Dart LED – Fun way to play Darts made with LEDs
  5. Chemistry Car – Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion
  6. Popsicle Catapult – Popsicle Engineering
  7. Balloon Powered Car – A Car that requires a balloon to work.
  8. Popsicle Dragon – Make a dragon with Popsicles
  9. Number LED – Choose a Number and make it glow.
  10. Electric Car – An Eco-friendly car
  1. Batman Car

    Batman Car - Electronics for Kids

    Batman Car – Electronics for Kids

    Batman Car (Click for Video and Instructions) isan Electronics Project for Kids to Make at home where kids can build a car that looks like batman’s car. Let’s build this cool car and have fun!

  2. Chemistry Rocket



    Chemistry Rocket is a fun science experiment for kids to do at home which shows how easily you can construct your own home-made rocket, with simple materials. It is the most fun way to teach kids about the different parts of a rocket.

  3. Chemistry Rocket Launcher

    Chemistry Rocket Launch Experiment Step 5.1

    Chemistry Rocket Launch Experiment

    Make your own Chemistry Rocket Launcher is a fun experiment for kids which explain what happens to dry ice when water is added to it and in this experiment, we are going to use the reaction to propel a rocket!

  4. Dart LED



    Dart LED  is a cool science experiment to learn about circuits which uses simple electrical items like LED, button cells and magnets! This experiment is an innovative way to play Darts. You will make your own dart that glows and is magnetic. It’s definitely one of a kind!

  5. Chemistry Car

    Chemistry Car Experiment

    Chemistry Car Experiment

    Super amazing experiment for Kids. Chemistry Car is a fun science experiment for kids which show how easily they can design their own Chemistry Car – which works on Newton’s -3rd Law of Motion using materials provided in the Monthly Science Box. Simple step-by-step instructions provided in the box makes the entire construction process much simpler!

  6. Popsicle Catapult

    Catapult Experiment Step 21

    Catapult Experiment

    Popsicle Catapult is a fun engineering experiment where kids can build their own catapult and hit targets! One can also customize it to make it an ‘Angry Birds’ game. Through this experiment, kids can learn about energy storage and conversion of energy. For the older kids, they can learn about the concept of levers.

  7. Balloon Powered Car

    Balloon Powered Car - Science Experiment for Kids

    Balloon Powered Car-Experiment

    Balloon Powered Car: This is a fun learning experience in which the kids construct their own car and learn about principles like energy conservation and laws of motion.

  8. Popsicle Dragon

    Experiment Step 46(b)

    Popsicle Dragon

    In this cool activity  Popsicle Dragon– is an experiment where popsicles are placed in a criss- cross pattern to build a structure to lift things. You can also customize it to look like a dragon!

  9. Number LED

    Number LED

    Number LED

    In this cool activity   Number LED – is an easy science experiment using LED’s! Choose any number that you want to make on your breadboard and learn the basics of a bread board.
    In this experiment, we have to make connections in a bread board and make the LED glow. To make the experiment interesting, connections will be made in the form of numerical digits. We have chosen 1962, the year in which the first LED was used.

  10. Electric Car

    Electrical Car

    Electrical Car

    In this cool experiment –Electric Car is a fun science experiment which uses electrical items like Motor, Battery, Bread board, Resistor and LED. The electric car runs on electricity! The car consists of a motor which rotates and you can have your own eco-friendly car! 


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