Gooey Slime 4

Gooey Slime

Gooey Slime is a fun science experiment for kids where they make their own polymer at home. Why are polymers important to us? There are polymers everywhere around us. From plastic bottles, erasers, rubber shoes to glue; these items are examples…
Featured Image Instant Snow
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Snow in hand - Instant Snow Activity for Kids

Instant snow is a type of polymer with super absorbent quality. Super absorbent means it can instantly absorb 4 times of its quantity of water when added to it. So now even if you live in hot climatic areas, you can still enjoy and have fun…

Fingerprint Test - Activity from the Forensic Kit for Kids

Fingerprint Test is a fun forensic science experiment for Kids from the Forensic Kit - where fingerprints were collected from the crime scene as well as from the suspects. Now, we have to find out the culprit. Use a magnifying glass or a microscope…
Popsicle Chain Expeimrent

Blood Spatter Analysis : Activity for Kids from Forensic Science Kit

Blood Spatter is one of the tests of the Forensic Kit for Kids - which would lead us to the Prime Suspect of the Murder at the Crime Scene Investigation activity. Blood spatters were found at the crime scene. Now, you have to use the various…
Gear Clock-Physics and Machines Activity for kids
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Gear Clock - Machines & Gears Activity for kids

GEAR CLOCK is a Fun Science Activity fr Kids to build a clock that is made out of gears and Magnets. Let’s build this clock and find out what’s so interesting about these gears and how they work together in turn to make a clock work!   Safety…
Kitchen Indicator : Experiment from Chemistry Kit for Kids

Kitchen Indicator - Acid and Base test from Chemistry Kit for Kids

KITCHEN INDICATOR is a fun experiment  from the Kitchen Chemistry Kit for kids where they make Red Cabbage Juice Indicator and test various liquids if they are acids, bases or neutral. Let’s learn what is so special about this pigment and…
Color Snow Mountain Experiment
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Color Snow Mountain - Experiment with Colors,Water & Polymer for Kids

COLOR SNOW MOUNTAIN is a fun science experiment for kids to do at home through which they can make a colorful fluffy mountain. In this experiment kids get to learn about a polymer and a really different property that makes this experiment even…
Invisible water-4

Invisible Water - Experiment with Polymer & Water

INVISIBLE WATER is a fun Science experiment with Water - where kids can make water disappear from a cup using a polymer with a very particular property.In this Chemistry experimen -kids get to learn more about polymers. Safety First! Adult…
Batman Car - Electronics for Kids
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Batman Car - Electronics Project for Kids

BATMAN CAR is an Electronics Project for Kids to Make at home where kids can build a car that looks like batman’s car. Let’s build this cool car and have fun! Find Instructions and Youtube Video. Safety First! Adult Supervision Required.…
Top 10 Experiments With Liquids 1
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10 Fun Science Experiments for Kids with Liquids - Water,Colors,Milk,Soap,Oil

If Your Kid loves experimenting at home then he/she will love following  Science Experiments that can be done at home with Simple Materials with a Mix of water,color ,milk ,soap, oil and others Found in the Kitchen or nearby Store. Activities…
Popsicle Chain Expeimrent
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Popsicle Chain Reaction : Activity for Kids

Popsicle Chain Reaction is a fun experiment where kids can build a huge chain of popsicles and lock it using a specific pattern.   Kids can learn about energy conversion through this experiment and how the pattern holds the chain without…