Color Density Tower 2

Color Density Tower

  Color Density Tower is a fun science experiment for kids to do at home which shows how due to density difference, layers of different liquids can sit on top of each other. The layers arranged in different colors looks really cool! Let’s…
Chemistry Rocket Launcher 5

Chemistry Rocket Launcher

Chemistry Rocket Launcher is a fun science experiment for kids to do at home in which they launch their chemistry rocket with an effervescent tablet acting as fuel for the rocket. It’s quite thrilling to watch how carbon dioxide gas can fuel…
Gooey Slime 4

Gooey Slime

Gooey Slime is a fun science experiment for kids where they make their own polymer at home. Why are polymers important to us? There are polymers everywhere around us. From plastic bottles, erasers, rubber shoes to glue; these items are examples…
Number LED 4

Number LED

Number LED is an easy science experiment using LED’s! Choose any number that you want to make on your breadboard and learn the basics of a bread board. In this experiment, we have to make connections in a bread board and make the LED glow.…
Metal Egg 3

Electric Car

Electric car is a fun science experiment which uses electrical items like Motor, Battery, Bread board, Resistor and LED. The electric car runs on electricity! The car consists of a motor which rotates and you can have your own eco-friendly…
Dart LED 7

Dart LED

Dart LED is a cool science experiment to learn about circuits which uses simple electrical items like LED, button cells and magnets! This experiment is an innovative way to play Darts. You will make your own dart that glows and is magnetic.…
Metal Egg 3

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[toc] What is Subscription Science Box ? Monthly science box is a fun, hands on, Do it yourself kit with cool experiments delivered at your door step every month. The purpose of this box is to further enhance the analytical and problem solving…
Multimeter Explore 1

Multimeter Explore

Multimeter Basics is a simple science experiment which teaches kids to understand the basic use of a multimeter. They can use this important tool to measure electricity and check the voltage of a battery. They will explore the different functions…
Hot Air Balloon : Density & Air Experiment for Kids 2

Hot Air Balloon : Density & Air Experiment for Kids

Hot Air Balloon is a fun science experiment for kids to do at home where one can understand the effect of temperature on the density of air. Kids have seen big hot air balloons and here they will learn exactly what makes the balloon rise…
Metal Egg 3

Metal Egg

Metal Egg is a fun science experiment for kids to do at home through which kids can learn about concepts of light, chemistry and properties of matter. Kids turn an ordinary egg into metal by using simple household materials. The silver egg…