Multimeter Explore 1

Multimeter Explore

Multimeter Explore

Multimeter Basics is a simple science experiment which teaches kids to understand the basic use of a multimeter. They can use this important tool to measure electricity and check the voltage of a battery. They will explore the different functions of a multimeter and can check their Electric Car and Number LED circuitry.

Safety First! Adult Supervision Required, Don’t Eat/Drink your Experiments, wear safety goggles where ever required

Materials and tools required.

Multimeter-Basics-Experiment-Step-0- Materils and Tools Required

In the box

  • Battery
  • LED
  • Number LED Experiment
  • Multimeter

Video on Youtube for the Experiment

What to Do!

  1. Touch the black and red terminals of the Multimeter with each other; you will hear a beep sound. Your multimeter is working!
  2. You can check if your LED bulb is working or not. Place the Red terminal (Multimeter) with (+, positive terminal) longer leg of LED. Black terminal (Multimeter) with (- , negative terminal) shorter leg of LED.Your LED will glow!
  1. MEASURING BATTERY VOLTAGE: Place the Red terminal (Multimeter) with Positive terminal (+) of the battery and the Black terminal (Multimeter) with Negative terminal (-) of the battery. You have measured the voltage of the battery!
  2. CHECKING CONNECTIONS OF NUMBER LED: Move the dial to the continuity mode. Place the terminals of the multimeter and hear a ‘beep’ sound.

Images for Instructions

Working Principle of Multimeter Basics :

A multimeter is an electronic measuring device that detects and measures electricity. A typical multimeter would have basic functions such as measuring voltage, current and resistance. A battery is mostly 1.5 Volts and this can be checked via a multimeter. In fact, when the battery discharges in due course of time, the voltage reading of the battery will become less indicating that the battery has discharged.

A multimeter is also used to check whether the connections in an electrical network are tight and not faulty. If the LED doesn’t glow or your electrical car doesn’t work, kids can check where the fault lies using the multimeter and quickly fix it!

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New Experiments. New Tools Every Month. Science Box for Kids. Click to Know More

New Experiments. New Tools Every Month. Science Box for Kids. Click to Know More


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