Make Slime Activator (Borax Solution) with 4 gms Borax in 100 ml Water

Learn how to make Slime Activator ( Borax Solution) with Mixing 4 gms of Borax Powder in 100 ml of Water. The Borax Solution is used to make Yucky Science glitter jelly tower. This Solution is tested with Fevigum Glue ( Lime Flavour)

Materials or Supplies Required :

From Yucky Science Kit :

  • 1 Plastic Bowl
  • Measuring Beaker
  • Slime Activator ( Borax Powder)
  • Spatula
  • Manual

From Home

  • Bowl for Microwave
  • Microwave
  • Tap Water

Video on Youtube for the Experiment

Steps for Instructions :

  1. Pour 100 ml of Tap Water and warm it for 30 Seconds in the Microwave. Use Measuring Beaker for Calculations.
  2. Add 4 grams of borax powder (approx 1 spatula spoon) to water in the bowl.
  3. Keep stirring fast for approx. 3 Minutes till all of the powder dissolves. Use Spatula/ Spoon.
  4. Keep the solution untouched for 30 mins. Borax Solution is Ready ! Pour it in Plastic Bowl 1

Your Borax Solution -Slime Activator is Ready !