Make Fevigum Glue Solution for Slime with 1:2 water Ratio

Learn how to make Glue Solution ( Using Fevigum Glue) with 10 ml Glue and 20 ml water. The Glue Solution is used to make Yucky Science Galaxy Glitter Slime, Galaxy Color Slime & Milky Slime,Foamy Slime,Mermaid Slime and Unicorn Slime. This Solution is tested with Fevigum Glue and Fevigum Glue ( Lime Flavour)

Materials or Supplies Required :

From Yucky Science Kit :

  • 1 Plastic Bowl
  • Measuring Beaker
  • Fevigum Glue
  • Spatula
  • Manual
  • Wooden Spoon

From Home

  • Tap Water

Video on Youtube for the Experiment

Steps for Instructions :

  1. Pour 10 ml glue in measuring beaker.
  2. Add 20 ml water in the measuring beaker (total solution is 30 ml in the beaker)
  3. Stir the fevigum and water, mix fast for 30 seconds with wooden spoon
  4. Keep the solution untouched for 30 mins. Glue Solution is Ready to make slime  ! Pour it in Plastic Bowl 2

Your Glue Solution is Ready !