Liquid Nitrogen Geyser
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Liquid Nitrogen Geyser – Science Demonstration for Kids

Liquid Nitrogen Geyser is a really fun Science Demonstration where kids get to learn what happens when hot water is added to liquid nitrogen and about geysers. Geysers are generally associated with volcanic area. It is a spring that discharges water accompanied by steam. In this experiment we are going to make a miniature geyser by adding hot water to liquid nitrogen.


Safety First! 
Adult Supervision Required. Wear safety goggles where ever required

Materials and tools required for the Experiment

Material Required

Materials from your Kitchen / Home

  • Funnel
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Soda Bottles
  • Hot Water

Youtube Video for the Science Demonstration.

Images & Step by Step for Instructions for Experiment

Geyser 1

Step 1: Pour liquid nitrogen into the soda bottles.

Geyser 2

Step 2: Add hot water to the liquid nitrogen.

Step 3: Observe the reaction and the mini geyser.

Working Principle of Liquid Nitrogen Geyser :

In this Experiment, liquid nitrogen in at an extremely low temperature which is 210 Degrees and hot water (100 Degrees) is added to it. Usually, this causes a huge blast. But here the amount is less and the mouths of the soda bottles are small. This makes the Nitrogen gas shoot up which looks like a geyser.

Geysers are temporary geological features. It is a spring that ejects steam and water irregularly. The formation of geysers specifically requires the combination of three geologic conditions that are usually found in volcanic terrain. Those conditions are; intense heat, water and a plumbing system (For e.g. a reservoir). In this experiment the lid gives the steam the necessary pressure so that the steam shoots up.

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