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Liquid Nitrogen Balloon Bucket – Cool Science Demonstration

Liquid Nitrogen Balloon Bucket is a fun experiment  for demonsntration where you will get to experience how air filled balloons get contracted with liquid nitrogen and when it comes to normal temperature, the balloon expands again. Liquid nitrogen has a temperature of -196 degree Celsius.  When cooled by liquid nitrogen, the balloon shrinks and it sinks down in the bucket. When balloons are taken out from the bucket filled with liquid nitrogen, the balloon slowly rises.

Liquid Nitrogen Balloon Bucket

Safety First! 
Adult Supervision Required. Wear safety goggles where ever required

Materials and tools required for the Experiment

Materials from your Kitchen / Home

  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Plenty round balloons
  • Glass bowl
  • Steel container
  • Soup serving spoon
  • Tongs

Youtube Video for the Science Demonstration.



Images & Step by Step for Instructions for Experiment

Step 1: Put inflated round balloons into the steel container containing liquid nitrogen.

Step 2: After all the balloons shrink, using a soup serving spoon, take your balloons out in a bowl.

Step 3:. Observe the overflowing self-inflating balloons falling out of the bowl.


Working Principle of Liquid Nitrogen Balloon Bucket :

In this experiment, As the balloons are dipped into the bowl of liquid nitrogen, they shrink rapidly. When gases get colder, they take up less space. This is because we are taking a balloon filled with atmospheric air and subjecting them to liquid nitrogen. The nitrogen in the air gets cold enough that it starts to turn into a liquid. Liquids take up far less space than gases because the molecules are closer together. Therefore, we must infer that the air inside the balloon is condensing to a liquid state, which occupies much less volume than gas. Indeed, some liquid can often be observed inside the balloon as it re-inflates.

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