How to make Fake Blood : Recipe for Kids 1
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How to make Fake Blood : Recipe for Kids

Fake Blood  is an experiment for Kids where you learn  How to make  Fake blood at home or School Class ! That’s why we’re calling this experiment the ‘Fake Blood’ recipe. Your next Halloween party, you know you can make fake blood and use it as make-up. It is easy and looks very real! Let’s make blood and have some fun with it!

Safety First! 
Adult Supervision Required. Wear safety goggles where ever required

Materials and tools required for the Experiment

material required

Materials from your Kitchen / Home

  • Corn flour
  • Red and Green food color
  • Mixing spoons
  • Water

Youtube Video for the Experiment

Images & Step by Step for Instructions for Experiment

Fake blood 1

Step 1:  Pour 250 ml water in a glass.

Step 2: Add 5 Table spoons of the powder given for making blood and stir it. 

Fake Blood 2

Step 3: Add a little red food color to it and a pinch of green color to give it the real blood color shade.

Fake Blood 3

Step 4:  Stir it really well. Now your Fake Blood is ready to use. Put it on your hand/arm/neck to scare your friends. You can also use this for your Nex Experiment called “Blood Spatter Analysis” which is a Part of your Forensic Science Kit.You can buy this Kit at

How to make Fake Blood : Recipe for Kids

About Blood :

Blood is a bodily fluid in humans and other animals that delivers necessary substances such as nutrients and oxygen to the cells. It is mostly water, contains dissipated proteins, glucose, mineral ions, hormones, carbon dioxide and blood cells.

Real blood is not a thin fluid. So, to give the right amount of thickness or viscosity to the fake blood we add corn flour! The mix of green and red gives us just the perfect colour of real blood.

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