Growing and Shrinking Eggs 2

Growing and Shrinking Eggs

Growing and Shrinking EggsGrowing and Shrinking Egg is a fun science experiment for kids to do at home. It’s the next level of the classic ‘Bouncing Egg’ experiment. You can make the bouncy egg grow even larger by absorbing liquid due to osmosis and making it shrink into a blob of mass, strangely again due to the process of osmosis. Confused!!

Find out how?

Safety First! Adult Supervision Required. Don’t Eat/Drink your Experiments, Wear safety goggles where ever required

Materials and tools required.

In the box

  • Transparent Glass
  • Eggs immersed in vinegar for 24 hours
  • Honey
  • Water
  • Patience

 Youtube for the Experiment

What to Do!

  1. Take two empty glasses.
  2. Fill a glass with water.
  3. Fill the other glass with honey.
  4. Carefully transfer one bouncing egg (Bouncing Egg Experiment) from vinegar into water.
  5. Similarly transfer another in honey.
  6. Make sure the egg is completely immersed in honey. In case the egg floats, you can put some weight over the egg carefully.
  7. Leave both the glasses out from the untouched for 1 day.
  8. After 1 day, take the eggs glasses.
  9. Compare the three eggs. What difference do you observe?

Images for Instructions

Working Principle of Growing and Shrinking Egg :

Dissolving the egg shell in vinegar leaves a bouncy and rubbery egg giving us further scope of experimentation for permeability!

One such experiment is making the egg grow and shrink by immersing it in two different liquids: Honey and Water.

Honey has a high density of sugar molecules and these sugar molecules are too large to pass through the semi permeable membrane of egg; but water molecules from egg can. These water molecules pass through the membrane of the egg into honey making it to shrink.

While the other egg immersed in water, the water flows from high density of water molecules i.e. from outside to low density area i.e. inside the egg. The increase in water molecules inside the egg makes the egg grow in size.

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New Experiments. New Tools Every Month. Science Box for Kids. Click to Know More