Gears & Magnet Puzzles : Kids Activity from Science Kit
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Gears & Magnet Puzzles : Kids Activity from Science Kit

FUN WITH GEARS and  Magnets & is a fun science experiment where kids can learn about gears, its types and how they function. You can Move them around on a Mtal Surface with the Magnets to solve the Puzzles from the Science Kit for Kids or Use your imagination and creativiy to make several cominations. So, let’s learn all the fun facts about Gears!

Fun with Gears

Safety First! 
Adult Supervision Required. Wear safety goggles where ever required

Materials and tools required for the Experiment

Materials required

Materials from your Kitchen / Home

  • Gears
  • Gear matix sheet
  • Gear puzzle cards
  • Magnets ( Neodium)
  • Washer
  • Metal surface – You can your Fridge Door
  • Markers

Youtube Video for the Experiment

Images & Step by Step for Instructions for Experiment

Fun with Gears 1

Step 1: Place Gear 1 on any metal surface(fridge door) and use a ruler to measure its diameter

Fun with Gears 2

Step 2: Count the no. of teeth using a marker make an arrow.


Fun with Gears 3

Step 3: Place Gear 2 on any metal surface, and then place another gear adjacent to it.

Step 4: Attach a rubber band around the inner gear.

Step 5 : Rotate the gear

Fun with Gears 4

Step 6:Using magnets place the gear matrix sheet on any metallic surface (Fridge door/ Almirah door).

Step 7:Read your puzzle card and find the locations where the gears have to be placed.

Step 8:Read the matrix sheet and find the D7 coordinate in the sheet. Place the magnet.

Step 9:Place Gear 1 over the magnet.

Step 10:Place a washer on the top and fix the gear on its place

Fun with Gears 5

Step 11: Read the puzzle card and fix the location of the ‘Driven’ Gear.

Step 12:Place gear 3 at the A5 coordinate

Step 13:You have Gear 1 at D7 coordinate which has to be moved in the clockwise direction and Gear 3 at A5 coordinate which has to be moved in anticlockwise direction.

Step 14:Your second task is to move Gear 7(Rack Gear) through C4, B5 and A6 coordinate.

Step 15:Hold Gear 7 (Rack Gear), read the hint and try to solve the puzzle by placing the available gears at different coordinates.

Working Principle of Fun with Gears :

In this experiment, you are going to learn about gears.

A gear is a toothed wheel. Gears are used in bicycles, motorcycles, cars and many heavy machines.

There are many types of gears. The mostly used ones are spur gear and compound spur gear. Spur gear has only one outer diameter but compound spur gear has an outer as well as in inner diameter. Another type of gear used in this experiment is rack gear. It is a toothed bar or rod.

In the puzzle, you are going to use both spur gears as well as compound spur gear.  You connect all the gears and move one which in turn moves all the other gears.

If the first gear is moving anti clockwise then the second moves clockwise the third one anticlockwise and so on all the gears move.

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