Fingerprint Test – Activity from the Forensic Kit for Kids

Fingerprint Test is a fun forensic science experiment for Kids from the Forensic Kit – where fingerprints were collected from the crime scene as well as from the suspects. Now, we have to find out the culprit. Use a magnifying glass or a microscope to find out the fingerprints that match.  Let’s start the Investigation!

Safety First! 
Adult Supervision Required. Wear safety goggles where ever required

Materials and tools required for the Experiment

Material Requied

Materials from your Kitchen / Home

  • Finger Print from scene
  • Sample finger prints
  • Magnifying Glass

Youtube Video for the Experiment

Images & Step by Step for Instructions for Experiment

Fingerprint 1

Step 1: Learn the types of finger prints

Fingerprint 2

Step 2: Take out the evidence from the crime scene and the sample given

Step 3: Make sure you wear the gloves before handling the finger prints.

Fingerprint 3

Step 4: You can keep the finger prints against a white background in your phone or tab.

Fingerprint 4

Step 5: Stick the samples on the suspect sheet.

Fingerprint 5

Step 6: You can also  use a microscope to check the sample.


Types of Fingerprints :

In this experiment, you match the prints collected from the scene with the fingerprints of the culprits. One of the methods to do that is by matching the type of fingerprints.

The types of fingerprints are:

  • Loop: It must have one or more ridges entering from one side of the print, curving and exiting from the same side. Types of loop are: left loop and right loop.
  • Whorl:  Whorls must have at least one ridge that makes a complete circuit.
  • Arches: Arch ridges tend to enter from one side of the print and leave out the other side.

There are two types of arches plain arch and tented arch.


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