Dart LED 7

Dart LED

Dart LED

Dart LED is a cool science experiment to learn about circuits which uses simple electrical items like LED, button cells and magnets! This experiment is an innovative way to play Darts. You will make your own dart that glows and is magnetic. It’s definitely one of a kind!

Safety First! Adult Supervision Required, Don’t Eat/Drink your Experiments, wear safety goggles where ever required

Materials and tools required.

Materials and Tools Required

Materials and Tools Required

  • LED
  • Button Cells
  • Teflon tape
  • Forceps
  • Pipette
  • Dart Base
  • Magnets
  • Scissors
  • OHP marker
  • Ruler
  • Lighter
  • Cello tape
  • Oil in a bowl

Video on Youtube for the Experiment

What to Do !

  1. Cut the pipette along the calibrated mark 2mL made on it. This pipette cut out will act as your dart body!
  2. Mark 6cm on the pipette.
  3. Slightly cut along the mark made and flip it to and fro.
  4. Dip the narrow end of the pipette and the magnet in oil.
  5. Carefully insert the magnet into the pipette.
  6. Using forceps’s other end push the magnet inside a little bit.
  7. Make four equally spaced slits near the end.
  8. Using a lighter, slightly melt the end portions and then gently press it on a hard surface.
  9. Bend the two terminals of LED using forceps. You will get T shaped LED terminals.
  10. Leaving a small gap again bend the T shaped LED terminals back to normal shape.
  11. Place two button cells one over the other, then place the positive terminal of LED (longer leg) to the positive terminal of the cell and negative terminal to the negative end of the cell.
  12. Wind the Teflon tape around the cell and LED.
  13. Make sure that there is no loose contact between the LED terminal and the cell. Gently press it. Put the glowing LED inside the pipette.
  14. Cover the slit made on the pipette using transparent tape. The dart is ready.
  15. After making your dart, design your dart board. After finishing your design, put it on a metal surface like fridge door, etc. and start aiming your darts.

Images for Instructions

Working Principle of Dart LED:

In this experiment, the main principle is how a LED glows when a circuits is completed. The dart LED has a magnet attached to it which attracts or sticks on the metal surface on which the dart board is placed.

LED is known as Light Emitting Diode and is used in a lot of electrical appliances in our day to day life like computer screens, televisions and phones. LED comes in different colors and has two terminals also.  The long end is the positive terminal and the short end is the negative terminal. The long leg is connected to the positive end of the button cell and the shorter leg to the negative terminal which completes the circuit and the LED glows.

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New Experiments. New Tools Every Month. Science Box for Kids. Click to Know More

New Experiments. New Tools Every Month. Science Box for Kids. Click to Know More