Gooey Slime 4

Gooey Slime

Gooey Slime is a fun science experiment for kids where they make their own polymer at home. Why are polymers important to us? There are polymers everywhere around us. From plastic bottles, erasers, rubber shoes to glue; these items are examples…
Popsicle Engineering-Science Box
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Popsicle Engineering Science Box for Children

The Popsicle Engineering box for Children has 4 Cool Science Experiments related to construction and Engineering for age 8 yrs & Above. All the acitivities have video Tutorial on Yout Tube. The Box Comes with 4 Cool Science Experiments…
Gears & Magnet Puzzles : Kids Activity from Science Kit
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Gears & Magnet Puzzles : Kids Activity from Science Kit

FUN WITH GEARS and  Magnets & is a fun science experiment where kids can learn about gears, its types and how they function. You can Move them around on a Mtal Surface with the Magnets to solve the Puzzles from the Science Kit for Kids…
Top 10 Engineering Experiments 1

Top 10 Engineering Activities for Kids

If Your Kid is a little Engineer. You can find a list of Cool 10 engineering activities for kids that enhance the fine motor & Physical Skill of your child..The Activities range from Construction, Electronics and bit of Chemistry &…
Gear Clock-Physics and Machines Activity for kids
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Gear Clock - Machines & Gears Activity for kids

GEAR CLOCK is a Fun Science Activity fr Kids to build a clock that is made out of gears and Magnets. Let’s build this clock and find out what’s so interesting about these gears and how they work together in turn to make a clock work!   Safety…
Batman Car - Electronics for Kids
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Batman Car - Electronics Project for Kids

BATMAN CAR is an Electronics Project for Kids to Make at home where kids can build a car that looks like batman’s car. Let’s build this cool car and have fun! Find Instructions and Youtube Video. Safety First! Adult Supervision Required.…
Popsicle Chain Expeimrent
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Popsicle Chain Reaction : Activity for Kids

Popsicle Chain Reaction is a fun experiment where kids can build a huge chain of popsicles and lock it using a specific pattern.   Kids can learn about energy conversion through this experiment and how the pattern holds the chain without…
Popsicle Bridge Experiment
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Popsicle Bridge - Engineering for Kids

Popsicle Bridge is a fun experiment to build a bridge using popsicles and make it stand without any binding agent. Let’s build this popsicle bridge and learn why the structure stands without a binding agent! Safety First! Adult Supervision…
Popsicle Catapult Experiment Featured Image

Popsicle Catapult - Engineering Activity for Kids

Popsicle Catapult is a fun engineering experiment where kids can build their own catapult and hit targets! One can also customize it to make it an ‘Angry Birds’ game. Through this experiment, kids can learn about energy storage and conversion…
Experiment Step 29
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Popsicle Dragon

Popsicle Dragon  is an experiment where popsicles are placed in a criss- cross pattern to build a structure to lift things. You can also customize it to look like a dragon! Popsicle Dragon  is an experiment where popsicles are placed in…