Gooey Slime 4

Gooey Slime

Gooey Slime is a fun science experiment for kids where they make their own polymer at home. Why are polymers important to us? There are polymers everywhere around us. From plastic bottles, erasers, rubber shoes to glue; these items are examples…
Liquid Nitrogen Balloon Bucket 1
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Liquid Nitrogen Balloon Bucket - Cool Science Demonstration

Liquid Nitrogen Balloon Bucket is a fun experiment  for demonsntration where you will get to experience how air filled balloons get contracted with liquid nitrogen and when it comes to normal temperature, the balloon expands again. Liquid…
Crazy Party Horns 4

Crazy Party Horns with Liquid Nitrogen Science Demo

Crazy Party Horns is a fun science Demonstration wih Liquid Nitrogen  where we make party horns blow with the help of a gas. Which gas is this? Let’s find out. Safety First! Adult Supervision Required. Wear safety goggles where ever…
Liquid Nitrogen Blast

How to Make Instant Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream is a fun and edible experiment and Cool Science Demonstration. It is new way to learn about liquid nitrogen and get some yummy ice-cream of Different Flavour and Colors at the end that you made! Safety First! Adult…
Liquid Nitrogen Geyser
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Liquid Nitrogen Geyser - Science Demonstration for Kids

Liquid Nitrogen Geyser is a really fun Science Demonstration where kids get to learn what happens when hot water is added to liquid nitrogen and about geysers. Geysers are generally associated with volcanic area. It is a spring that discharges…
Frozen Chocolate Ants with Liquid Nitrogen

Make your Frozen Chocolate Ants in Liquid Nitrogen : Edible Science for Kids

LIQUID NITROGEN FROZEN CHOCOLATE ANTS is an edible experiment. See how to make your chocolate . Watch the Chocolate droplets react to liquid nitrogen. Eat them after your Experiment.This is a Cool Science Demonstration activity idea for Classes,…
Liquid Nitrogen Angry Birds Science Demonstration Activity
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Angry Bird in Liquid Nitrogen : Fun Science Demonstration

Angry Bird in Liquid Nitrogen is a fun science demonstration where kids can make the angry bird more angry by freezing them in liquid nitrogen. Let’s have some fun with the angry birds.This Acitivty can be used in Classroom or Science Fair…
Liquid Nitrogen Blast

Liquid Nitrogen Explosion : Science Show or Demonstration for Kids

LIQUID NITROGEN Explosion is a fun Science Demonstration for Kids  in Class or School Science Show where kids can watch and have fun with huge explosion just with liquid Nitrogen and Hot water. Safety First! Adult Supervision Required.…