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How to Take Care of Your Telescope

Telescopes are a great tool for the amateur astronomers to enjoy the celestial objects. A telescope is an investment that should last for years, that is why proper care is important. Dirt can damage the lenses or mirrors. This causes problems whereby the scattering of light makes the stars being viewed through the telescope look blurry and […]

Naked Eye Planet Observation in the Solar System

What are Naked Eye Planets – Brief When we say Naked eye planets ,it means the five brightest planets  known since ancient times , Mercury ,Venus ,Mars ,Jupiter and Saturn. These planets are easily visible in the sky and they are visible to the naked eye. Since ancient astronomers observed that certain celestial objects moved […]

Anatomy of Sun : Astronomy for Kids

Quick Facts about The Sun : Sun lies at the heart of our Solar System, where it is by far the largest object of our Solar System, holding 99.85% mass of the entire Solar System, Diameter of Sun is 109 times the diameter of Earth i.e. about one million Earths can fit inside the Sun.

Science Box for Kids: Shipped in 8 Countries

December 2015 : Science  Boxes for Kids will be available in 8 Countries Worldwide US Canada Australia UAE UK Ireland Singapore Saudi Arabia First 50 Subscribers get their 1st Box Free ! Fill in your details to get registered for the Offer !  [mc4wp_form] Science Box for Kids by Zlife Education  : New Experiments every Month. […]