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Bleeding Iron - Cool Chemistry Experiment

Bleeding Iron is an experiment in which you can make an iron nail bleed. This can be done by using only few chemicals. In this experiment we prepare a solution of Potassium Thiocyacyanate, Hydrogen Peroxide and Concentrated Hydrochloric Acid. When an iron nail is put in this solution it starts bleeding!
Featured Image Instant Snow
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Snow in hand - Instant Snow Activity for Kids

Instant snow is a type of polymer with super absorbent quality. Super absorbent means it can instantly absorb 4 times of its quantity of water when added to it. So now even if you live in hot climatic areas, you can still enjoy and have fun…
Liquid Nitrogen Balloon Bucket 1
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Liquid Nitrogen Balloon Bucket - Cool Science Demonstration

Liquid Nitrogen Balloon Bucket is a fun experiment  for demonsntration where you will get to experience how air filled balloons get contracted with liquid nitrogen and when it comes to normal temperature, the balloon expands again. Liquid…
Paper Chromatography 8
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Paper Chromatography - Chemistry Experiment with Colors

Paper chromatography is a method used to separate colored chemicals or substances. Chromatography is based on the principle that they have two phases 1. Stationary phase 2. Mobile phase. The mobile phase flows through the stationary phase…
Fabric Test 2

Fabric Analysis for Forensic Science Experiment for Kids

Fabric Test is a fun forensic science experiment where a piece of fabric was collected from the crime scene as well as from the suspects. Now, we have to find out the culprit. Use food color and magnifying glass to know the weave and absorption…
Powder Analysis - Forensic Science for Kids

Powder Analysis - Forensic Science for Kids

Powder Test is a fun forensic science experiment where a kind of powder was found at the crime scene. This one test would give us further links. We have to conduct a powder analysis to find what it was that was found at the crime scene. This…
Planet order

Moon and its phases

It is always fascinating to see objects that are visible in the night sky and there is hardly anyone who is not attracted towards its beauty. I always get fascinated with the objects like stars, moon etc. shinning in the night sky. As usual…
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Basics of Astrophography

Clicking pictures of planets, Deep sky objects, star trail photography is something everyone would like to do. But frankly speaking before doing astrophotography, one should have the basic idea of what all accessories you require and how to…

List of 5 Online Astronomy Projects for Children in School or from Home

Astronomy is always a favorite subject to learn and search upon, less than 5% of total universe is known to us, our universe is still  a mystery for us!! Scientist all over the world are searching and trying to understand our universe. Now…
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A Journey through our solar system - Astronomy for Kids

Our solar system is an exciting place in our neighbourhood. It has sun as its head and all the members of the solar system like planets, their satellites, meteoroids and comets revolve around the sun in an orbit. The sun, the moon and all those…