Astronomy Club in School in India :

  • Zlife Education teaches astronomy to Middle and Juniors School Children by running or hand holding School Astronomy Clubs, Joey Laboratories, Workshops and Events.
  • Topics Covered are Big Bang Science, Spectroscope, Sun Solar Spots Viewing, Hydro Rocket Making, Pin Hole Camera, Telescope Store, Evening Sky Observation, Dark Night Site Camping & Observation, Life on Triton, Aliens
  • Zlife Astronomy in School Has 3 Types of Programs
    • Module 1 ( Level 1 Astronomy) : Contains 8 In school Visits by Zlife Faculty, 1 Night Sky Observation Camp at Camp Mustang, Kit Materials for the Children,Telescope for Every Child,All the Teaching Materials and Content
    • Module 2 ( Level 2 Astronomy) : 5 In school Visits by Zlife Faculty,1 Night Deep Sky Observation Camp at Camp Sariska ( with total 4 Astronomy  Sessions),Kit Materials for the Children
    • All the Teaching Materials and Content
    • SARs ( Astronomy Lab in School) : Year Long engagement with Permanent Faculty for Astronomy.

Junior Astronomy & Science Club

Zlife Education gives students an interesting combination on Hands on Activities and interactive science workshops where in Students learn interesting concepts of Physics, Chemistry & Astronomy. This program is designed to inculcate an interest among junior students for science related subjects

Classes : 3rd-5th Standard