Videos : Science Experiments for Kids to do at Home

Video Playlists on 4 Topics : Free Science experiments for kids to do at home, step by step instructions of activities from Monthly Science Box(science kit) , Little Scientists in action , Science Festival and other cool offerings by Zlife Education. Click on the Playlist to view the list of the Videos under each topic

Balloon Powered Car

Science Experiment from Monthly Science Box.

Hot Air Balloon

Make your own hot air balloon and watch it fly.

Scuba Diver

Make your Suba Diver in a Bottle and watch it go up and down.

Worm Slime

Make and play with your slime that looks like worms in different colors.

Gooey Slime

Make your own Slime at home in a cup in different colors and learn about polymers.

Effervescence Test

Make Colorful Volacano eruptions at the same time with chemical reaction.

Magical Color Change

With your checmistry set change colors withAcid and Base reation.

PH Indicator

Use PH Strips to test the base and acids of some liquids at home.

Salt Formation

Make Salt using the reastion of 2 Bases.

Bubble Shapes

Pyramid and Cube Shaped soap Bubbles with Simple materials at home.

Rocket Launcher

Launch your Rocket from the launcher with pressure.

Build a Rocket

Build your own rocket with the tools and material from the kit.

Color Density Tower

Make your own color Density tower with mixing different types of liquids at home.

Drinking Candle

Color bursting Science activity with Milk, Wate Colors and Soap.

Color Changing Milk

Science experiment for kids at home with Milk,water color and soap.

Lava Lamp

Cool Science activity with efferevesence tablet,vegetable oil ,water colors.

Science Festival

Science Festival in India for Kids with 30+ Hands on workshops.

Street Science Fair

Little Scientists busy with workshops Jack Carnival - Gurgaon.

Science Birthday

Science Birthday Party for Kids in Delhi , Gurgaon and NCR.

Little Scientists

Little Scientists Busy with the Experiments and building Science lab.

Chemistry Car

Build your chemistry car and with water,efferevesence....

Monthly Science Box

New Tools. New Experiments Shipped Every Month. Age 7+.

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