Science Festival Timings :

Weekdays : Monday to Friday
Schools : 8:00 am - 2:00 pm
Public : 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Weekends : Saturday and Sunday
Public : 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Age Group



Can you only hear sound or even 'SEE' sound? Kids will learn the properties of sound by visualising it. Join this show to see an exciting mix of music, dance and fire and understand frequency, vibrations and sound properties.


Side Show

See a TORNADO forming right in front of you! Kids will understand the different parts in a tornado and principle behind its formation. Join this show to see different kinds of tornadoes- fire, water and dry ice tornadoes!

Bubble Mania

Hands-On Workshop

A sensational world of soap bubbles to teach them the properties of soap and bubbles! Have you seen bubbles that are not spherical? Play with bouncing bubbles and bubbles of extravagant shapes and sizes. Kids will see their friends trapped in a soap bubble!

CSI Detective

Hands-On Workshop

Your opportunity to be a DETECTIVE is right here! Put on your lab coat and conduct tests: DNA, hair analysis, fibre analysis and blood tests to investigate the crime scene and catch the convict red handed. Kids will learn about the basics of forensic science while they unfold the mystery.

Rocket Factory

Hands-On Workshop

Understand the principle behind rocketry and build your own rocket by assembling all the parts in the factory. Kids will wear their factory gear and work in an assembly line fashion to construct the best rockets.

Rocket Launchpad


The rockets constructed by the kids in the factory will be launched in the Rocket Launchpad at scheduled launch timings. Watch the rockets flying in the air up to 50 feet!

Hot Air Balloon Making

Hands-On Workshop

Make your own hot air balloon by using backyard and kitchen tools. Kids will make their personalised hot air balloons and understand how a hot air balloon rises up!

Dumpster Race

Hands-On Workshop

Kids will use dumpster trucks to pick up the hidden balls. Understand the function of levers, execute the tasks and finally reach the finish line after several laps of racing.

Scuba Diver

Hands-On Workshop

Make your own scuba diver friend in a bottle. Kids will see how they can control the movement of the scuba diver using pressure.

Comet Making

Hands –On Workshop

Comets are only in the universe- ARE YOU KIDDING? You can make a comet exactly like the one in space right here on Earth. Understand the importance of the ingredients that goes into making a comet. Mix it all up and there you have your comet!


Hands-On Workshop

Polymers are everywhere around you – glue, rubber, plastic and much more! Kids will understand how atoms bond in a polymer and make their own slime-the 'playful' polymer. It's Gooey and it's stringy and it's the friendliest polymer!

Telescopic Watch

Interactive Exhibit

Look at the Sun which is 150 million km away through the Telescope! Be Galileo and count the number of black spots on the Sun.

Microscope Explore

Interactive Exhibit

Explore the world around you and get amazed what your naked eyes usually miss. Check out the insect's legs wiggling under the microscope! Minute detailing and revelations like never before.


Interactive Exhibit

Conduct electricity through your bodies and make Jo.E alive! Hold electricity in your hands and play with streaks of light using the magical PLASMA lamp.

Drug Delivery

Interactive Exhibit

Quickly collect the drugs and deliver it to the hospital. Drugs are essential items for patients in a hospital. Crack the fastest way to collect and deliver the drugs to save the patients.

Volcano Making

Hands on workshop

Make and understand the principle behind volcano.

Build & Construct


Make and Construct Castle walls, doors, windows – become a construction wizard and protect your castle

Pressure Launcher

Interactive Exhibit

Cycle to drive the Compressor which pressurizes the air tank. To launch the ball. Learn about the PSI units and challenge your colleagues

Music Table

Interactive Exhibit

Enjoy the Different Music notes by Making the air vibrate by using drum sticks. Learn about Frequencies with different pipe length.

Balloon Car

Hands On Work Shop

Build your own car that does not run on petrol but air. Learn about the construction and challenge your friends on the balloon car race.

Ice Age


Feel the ice age through a theatrical experience with Dr. Spike and Mike. Spike is an alien from a very hot planet (Venus) and has never experienced the ice age before. Spike meets Mike from Earth and enters the zone of sub-zero temperature and experience the ice age where things are dangerously cold. In Spike's quest to destroy the planet and Mike saving the planet, watch how balloons freeze and yet remain the same. Hear the crushing of frozen flowers and eat frozen cookies!

Violent Earth


Spike now sees the Earth getting violent. Mike wants to teach him a lesson for constructing eo plans to destroy the Earth and in turn throws him into a volcano. Join this show to experience how violent the Earth can become! You cannot mess with Mike and his planet Earth! Tornadoes, Volcano Eruptions, Earthquakes are the natural and violent calamities on Earth. Live through this theatrical show and experience the violent happenings on Earth.

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